Speed up your development with AngularJS, the open-source JavaScript framework for building web applications. Our AngularJS tutorials show how to divide your project into modules; work with services like $http, $routeProvider, and animation; and set up deep linking and navigation.

What are the course objectives?

➤Learn fundamental Javascript concepts that power AngularJS.

➤Write quicker, better AngularJS code by discovering how AngularJS itself is built.

➤Become fluent in AngularJS terminology, such as dependency injection, services, directives, transclusion, and more.

➤Realize the power of dependency injection, and how AngularJS accomplishes it.

➤Design custom directives and save time and energy with easily reusable components.

➤Understand what a Single Page Application (SPA) is, and how they work.

➤Build a Single Page Application (SPA) in AngularJS.

➤Be the coder that explains AngularJS to everyone else, because you understand it better than anyone else.

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