DataStage (DS) is an ETL tool that can extract data, transform it, apply business principles and then load it to any specific target. It is a part of IBM’s Information Platforms Solutions suite and also that of InfoSphere. DataStage makes use of graphical notations for constructing data integration solutions. It can integrate all types of data, which includes big data at rest or in motion, and on platforms that may be distributed or mainframe in nature. DataStage training from IT Tech will make you an expert in creating parallel DataStage jobs to implement business intelligence in any given environment. You will also be provided with the implementation of two real-time DataStage projects under the guidance of highly experienced trainer during training which will help you in clearing IBM DataStage Certification.

Datastage course include:

➤ IBM DataStage, its architecture and features

➤ Creating a sample DataStage job

➤ Aspects of DataStage parallelism, file storage and transformer stage

➤ Copy, Sort, Filter, Head, Tail, Aggregator, Merge and Lookup Stages

➤ How Lookup, Join and Merge Stages are different

➤ Development, debugging and extraction using Teradata Connector

➤ DataStage Design implementation

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