As your organization transforms into an Intelligent Enterprise, your business will become increasingly reliant on the performance of your MicroStrategy deployment. To succeed at enterprise scale, you may require assembling an Intelligence Center – a team of certified experts who can maximize the utility, adoption, and performance of your MicroStrategy implementation. MicroStrategy online training at IT Tech offers a comprehensive set of Courses, Certification Programs, and Learning Options to empower your team with the expertise, technique, and best practices required for these critical roles.

What this course includes?
Experts Features and Administration



➤Intelligence Server

➤User Creation

➤User Privilege

➤Security Implementation

➤Object manger

➤Command Manager

➤Formatting Report

➤Understanding Requirement

➤Performance Improvement

➤SQL Creation

➤Challenges in Report

➤Administrative Configurations

microstrategy online

Introduction of Microstrategy

➤ Microstrategy Architecture

➤ Microstrategy Desktop

➤ Microstrategy Web

➤ Microstrategy Servers

➤ Administration

➤ Folder Structure

➤ My Personal Objects

➤ Public Object

➤ Schema Object

➤ Metadata

➤ Report View

➤ Data – Export

➤ AutoStyles

➤ Custom Groups

➤ Facts

➤ Tables

➤ Update Schema

Advance Features

➤Project Configuration

➤Attribute Creation

➤Metric Creation

➤Drill Map




➤Administration Facts

➤Creation Of Reports

➤Grid Report

➤Analyzing Data



➤Data Explorer

➤Adhoc Report

➤Report Creation on Web