Willing to develop a thriving career in the sector of selenium testing and searching for an institute where you can attain comprehensive knowledge along with real time examples? IT Tech Training institute is one of the most renowned institute for educating a huge number of aspirants with complete syllabus and making them eligible for the best career opportunities.

Selenium online training course includes:

➤ Selenium automated testing advantages

➤ Selenium RC

➤ Deploying Selenium IDE functions and commands

➤ Sikuli, JUnit and TestNG Plugin in Eclipse

➤ Object Repository and Maven

➤ Introduction to Selenium WebDriver

➤ WebDriver programs like Textbox, Checkbox and multiple Windows

➤ Using Selenium Grid for software testing

➤ Who should take up this Selenium 3.0 training course?

➤ Software Developers, Testers and QA Engineers

➤ System Analysts, Administrators and BI and ETL professionals

selenium training course