PL/SQL online training course provides you the complete skills needed to create, implement and manage robust database applications using the Oracle Database tools. Some of the topics covered are: understanding of the Basic Procedural Language/Structured Query Language, subprogram, section and syntax query, DML, advanced DML and scripting.

Course includes:

➤ Designing, building and managing database applications in Oracle 12c

➤ Writing PL/SQL codes for developing stored procedures, triggers and packages

➤ Managing and creating database sequence, synonym and tables

➤ Improving data security, performance and integrity

➤ Using SQL Developer for manipulation and retrieval of data efficiently

➤ Various PL/SQL sections like Declaration, Execution and Exception Handling

➤ SQL command major groups: DDL, DML, DCL and TCL

➤ Preparing for Oracle PL/SQL Developer Certified Associat

sql online training

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