QTP stands for Quick Test Professional which is one of the most opted automation testing tools for delivering a bug free tool. This tool is used for functional and regression testing of a software using graphic user interface or web interface. We educate you right from the basics of QTP testing which starts with categorizing the units of application under test (AUT) or web page to perform testing. Along with the testing procedure we also educate you with the VB Scripting language which assists you in specifying the test procedures and control the application as per the test cases.

QTP supports a number of technologies which includes Web, Java, .Net, WPF, SAP, Oracle, Siebel, PeopleSoft, Delphi, Power Builder, Stingray 1, Terminal Emulator, Flex, Web Services, Windows Mobile, Visual Edge, SOAP, Mainframe terminal emulators.

IT Tech training institute offers training program on "Functional test automation with QTP" which comprises basics of automation testing giving a comprehensive knowledge about QTP test process, planning, creation & execution of test scripts, leveraging QTP through VB Scripting, Test automation frameworks etc.

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